Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Last Week's Helpers!

Before we had Aaron my doctor advised me to have someone at the house to help me for the first 8 weeks of recovery since we knew I was having a C-section. I had the schedule all set and then Aaron showed up 5 weeks early. Thankfully my friends and family came through and rearranged the schedule so that all days were covered.

Last week was the first week when Brett was back at work, so friends Alex, Andy, and Alana took Monday-Wednesday and my Aunt Marilyn was here on Thursday and Friday.

Monday, Peter's God Mother, Alex was here and we spend a relaxing day at home, taking walks, and resting up after the big birthday party. Tuesday, a friend from our small group, Andy, took her day off to spend with the boys and I. She joined us at Jammin Java for the Mr. Don show, and even got to lead the "Kitty Cat Parade." Wednesday, Alana took the ropes, and watched Peter in the morning while Aaron and I went to the doctor, and ran errands. That afternoon we just hung around the house and took walks around the neighborhood.

Wednesday night, my Aunt Marilyn came down from Tunkhannock, PA to help out and stayed with us until Sunday morning. We spent most of the time with the kids, but also had Brett watch them some so we could have some girl time, shopping and going to dinner with our friend, Sun. Marilyn also watched both kids on Saturday night so Brett and I could go on a date!

Thank you so much to all four of my helpers last week!

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