Saturday, August 9, 2008

Push Presents for Mommy and Daddy!

For those who don't know what a "push present" is it is a gift that husbands give their wives after they give birth. Typically this gift is jewelry, but this year I decided I wanted something different.

Ever since the iPhone came out Brett has been BEGGING for one, but I always remind him that his work pays for his cell phone and we don't have the extra money. However, recently Brett's work stopped having a company cell phone plan and instead we are given a $65 check every month as a cell phone budget.

So, since we only had one cell phone, Brett was DYING for an iPhone, and we no longer were tied down to Verizon (since they don't have service in Annandale anyway), I decided to give in to Brett's wishes.

On Thursday morning, Brett and I headed down to the Apple store and got our new phones! Brett feels safer now that we both have cell phones (so he can reach me when I am away from the house), but I think he is a lot more excited about his new toy.

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