Tuesday, August 26, 2008

An eye for an eye infection

Saturday morning during Aaron's second feeding I noticed a yellow puss coming from Aaron's right eye. At that moment I had my first real mom-freak out (other than of course when Aaron was in the NICU), not knowing what was wrong and panicking to talk/go to a doctor.

Within the hour we had left messages for the pediatrician and were on the way to the Emergency Room. After a short wait (during which the pediatrician called to tell me she thought he had a clogged tear duct), we finally got in to see the ER doctor.

Turns out our pediatrician was right. Just a clogged (and slightly infected) tear duct... probably caused by tiny fingers (belonging to Peter) touching Aaron's eyes. A few warm compresses and some antibiotic ointment later and Aaron was good as new.

Turns out I can be a nervous mom in the right situation... and also I probably need to watch Peter's grubby little hands a little better when he is near baby Aaron!

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