Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Dj Peter Dance-a-lot

Brett and I never buy toys for our kids. We don't need to! They are completely spoiled by family and friends, not to mention hand me downs and items from our own childhood.

However, for Peter's birthday we did want to get him something from Mommy and Daddy. After much thought and looking through the selection at Target and Babies-R-Us, we decided on a music table.

The table is about a foot and a half off the ground and is topped with all kinds of buttons and levers to push pull, etc. to make music, songs, and a lot of noise. Peter couldn't be happier!

75% of his days now are spent standing at the table, activating the music, and dancing (i.e. swaying back and forth), then laughing and doing it all over again. In the past 2 weeks we have had to change the batteries TWICE!

I am pretty sure this was a good present choice, and Brett is hoping this means Peter with be into music like he is.

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