Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Peter's visits the zoo!

I have a few blogs to catch up on before I get to all the birth stuff, so here it goes...

On Monday July 28, my cousin Hannah and I decided to take Peter to the Reston Petting Zoo. I had "googled" petting zoos in the area after seeing how much Peter loved animals earlier in the summer, but due to being so tired during the pregnancy I hadn't made it yet.

The place turned out to be cooler than we expected!

When we first arrived we found a barn full of pigs, goats, lambs, sheep, and lamas. There was food you could feed the animals and they were very friendly with the children.

At that point I thought we had seen everything, but after walking around and finding a couple little places for photo ops (pictures below), we stumbled upon a place to buy ice cream, ducks, geese, and swans roaming around, some caged animals, and a safari hayride.

The safari hayride was the coolest part of the whole trip! They had zebras, deer, camels, ostrich, bison, and more! All the animals came right up to get fed, and were very friendly (we were told they have never bitten, but it was a little nerve racking at times).

This is definitely an activity we will be doing again in the future, and I am thinking that it might be a fun idea for future birthday parties too!

Special thanks to Cousin Hannah for helping carry Peter and show him the animals all day!

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