Saturday, August 9, 2008

Rat bagger...

Our cat, Angel Food Cake, was an indoor cat when we lived in McLean; however in Annandale there isn't as much wild life so we let her out sometimes.

The other night we went to let her back in and found that she had a present to bring us - a baby rat!!! I was totally grossed out and ran downstairs to interrupt Brett's band practice so he could take care of the situation.

Poor Angel Food was so proud, so I gave her tons of praise (although I was really disgusted!). Brett of course bagged up the rat and brought it down stairs to show off to the other guys in the band.

Hoping we don't get anymore "presents" from the cat!

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Anonymous said...

Good Job Food Cake! At least she didn't decapitate it and disembowl it like our kitty does. I miss Peter and Aaron! Oh yeah, you guys too. Shellie