Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Belly Bump

I guess not everyone realizes that after you have a baby you can still look pregnant for up to 6 weeks (or in my case a whole year)!

Case in point...

Last week, Brett and I were in line at the Fair Oaks Mall waiting for our iPhones with Aaron sleeping in his car seat. A woman, about our age, came up and the following conversation/awkward moment happened...

Girl - Oh my goodness, your baby is adorable!

Me - Thank you!

Girl - How old is he?

Me - Only 8 days!

Girl - (as she reaches out and touches my mini-belly bump) Wow, and you are already pregnant again!!!

(Awkward silence, as Brett and I glance at each other and smirk)

(Girl freezes)

Girl - OH MY GOSH, I AM SO SORRY... I haven't had my coffee yet... you look great, I just wasn't thinking!

If it was a few weeks from now, or if the comment wasn't so completely impossible and air headed I MIGHT have been offended, however both Brett and I thought it was hilarious!

I have lost 2 pounds since then ;)


monstermash said...

very funny....that girl was truly an idiot :)

Caroline said...

wow - priceless pregnancy (or in this case post-pregnancy) story! I'm glad you've documented it for all to read :)