Monday, July 28, 2008

Ticked off... or in this case ticked ON!

Saturday morning, Brett went to play golf with his friends Mike Pritchard and Danny Douglass. Sunday morning, I discovered that Brett had brought home a "friend" from his golf trip!

We were getting showered and dressed for church when I noticed a new mole on the VERY upper part of Brett's leg. Upon closer look I realized that Brett's "mole" had legs!!!

After about a 10 minute freak out on both of our parts, which included googling and calling friends to find out how to remove a tick we finally got the little tick off.

We don't think it was a deer tick (it looked more like a wood tick) so we aren't that worried, but it was kind of nasty. However, I am very excited to post this song in honor of the event... All the actual versions of the songs were blocked from embedding into blogs, so you will have to deal with the chip monk version:

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