Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Baby shower for Aaron!

This past weekend friends, Sarah Merrill, Alex Goode, Georgia McClure, and Leigh Robinson threw me a baby shower in honor of Aaron's arrival!

The theme and colors of the shower were to match Peter and Aaron's nursery. Everything was blue and yellow, and had moons and stars just like the bedding in thier room. It was so well planned and consistent, and I was really impressed (even the invitations were hand made and super cute!).

I especially enjoyed the scrap booking station that was set up for people to write notes welcoming Aaron into the world. It will be so fun to read them to him when he is older.

The food was prepared by Georgia and her soon to be father-in-law with spices straight from the garden. It was all Middle Eastern (one of my favorites) and absolutely delicious! I was excited to bring home left overs, however Brett managed to gobble most of them up before I got my hands on them.

After we enjoyed the meal, all the guests took part in games. First was the celebrity/TV show game, where guests had to come up with the names of children of celebrities and TV families. Regardless of my addiction to watching the E! network I didn't get them all; and my friend Andy Spray got 100% and dominated the competition.

The next game was my favorite! We teamed up with an "arch enemy" to battle for finding close pins in a box of rice. Sounds silly and maybe easy, but it was actually really hard and super fun. I battled Sarah Burnett and thought I would have the winning number with 12 pins. That is until my sister (i.e. Ms. Competition) stepped up to the plate and picked out an amazing 20 pins.

After games, I got extra spoiled with tons of gifts for Aaron! Most people helped out with the cost of a new baby by getting us diapers and formula (THANK YOU FOR THAT - WE DROP OVER $100 A MONTH ON THOSE ITEMS ALONE FOR ONE BABY RIGHT NOW). Other's got little outfits and blankets for Aaron so he wouldn't exclusively have hand-me-down clothes.

My kid's God Mother's, Alex Goode and Sarah Merrill, got me the most generous gift - a Medela Breast Pump! This time around Brett and I decided to go with the most well reviewed (and therefore costly) breast pump because with Peter we got the cheapest and it ended up breaking after 10 weeks.

Side note - I stopped breast feeding and got pregnant again at week 12 of Peter's life... can we thank the cheap pump for Aaron??? :)

Anyway, it was a wonderful way to celebrate Aaron coming into the world, and I was so appreciative of those people who attended, spoiled us with wonderful gifts, and helped with the planning and preparation. We are really blessed with awesome friends and family!

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