Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Juke Box Diner

After the Community BBQ, my mother (who had been watching Peter), suggested taking us out to dinner to celebrate Father's Day and my birthday (better late than never I guess?). We decided to go to a restaurant near our house that we had yet to try - The Juke Box Diner.

The restaurant turned out to be pretty fun and the food (especially the fries) were amazing! Brett and I found out how much we are "inside each other's minds" when we each picked what we thought the other person would want off the menu (Chicken Philly for Brett, Cheese Steak for me!).

It was also a big first for Peter, who got his own big boy meal off the kids menu (grilled cheese and fries). He did really well finishing by himself, with only a little help from Mommy (and baby Aaron) taking a few bites of grilled cheese.

The only down side to the restaurant experience was that its names sake - the Juke Box - was actually broken!!! They did however have great music on, which of course we sang to, Brett played the air guitar to, and Brett and Peter danced to.

And yes, we still had our faces painted from the event at church, so between that and having the cutest kid ever we got a little bit of attention from the other patrons. Brett thinks that they assumed we were part of the Juke Box Diner experience!

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