Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Bubbs!

Today is my best friend, Alex's (Bubbie to me) birthday! We celebrated her big 2-7 this past weekend with bowling at Lucky Strike in DC and then dinner at La Tasca.

At Lucky Strike we all learned that no matter how much Wii bowling we play, none of us are very good. Although, I like to blame it all on the belly being in my way. Service wasn't great at the bowling ally, but we had a great time and after we finally got our checks we were ready to eat!

Next stop was La Tasca, where we shared almost everything on the tapas menu as well as a few pitchers of sangria (not me of course). By than the night was almost over, so we all decided to take our full stomachs home and go to bed.

Today Alex is celebrating by going out to lunch with her work friends, and her new hubby, Troy, is taking her out for a surprise dinner tonight. Tomorrow I get my chance to spoil the birthday girl and will be taking her out to lunch, which will be followed by dinner with her mom-in-law before her birthday celebrations are through!

Wishing my Bubbs the happiest of birthdays!

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