Monday, July 28, 2008

Puppets in the Park!

Recently I came across a really nice park in Annandale called Mason District Park. This park has 8 tennis courts, picnic areas, dog parks, awesome soccer and baseball fields, and an amphitheater. The best part is that every Saturday at 10:00am there is a free show for kids at the theater all summer long!

This past Saturday was our first attempt at trying out the shows. I took my cousins Sam and Erin with Peter and I to check it out and it was actually pretty cool. The show we saw was a puppet show about penguins, done by a man who worked on Mr. Rogers and the Muppet's in the past. He was great with the kids, and very talented.

Peter is still a little young for this stuff, but he did watch a lot of it before he decided that crawling and eating wood chips would be more interesting. I think that this is something we will try to do a lot in the next couple years.

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