Monday, October 27, 2008

Visit to Butlers Orchard!

Last Saturday, after Danny's house warming party, we got up early to get ready for a trip to Damascus up to seethe kid's Grandpa and go to visit Butlers Orchard.

When we arrived at Steve's house Peter started chasing the dogs around the house right away, while I fed and changed Aaron and got ready for the orchard. After the kids were in clean diapers and bundled up we piled back into the car and headed down the road for our day of outdoor fall fun.

The orchard was nothing like I expected. I thought we were stopping by to get pumpkins, when really we were going to a Pumpkin Festival! There were tons of people, food stands, hay mazes, hay rides, some sort of pumpkin launcher, face painting, crafts, a huge slide, and tons more!!!

Our first stop was to participate in the pumpkin voting (who do you want to vote for? Obama, McCain, or the Giant Pumpkin?), where we stopped for a photo opt with the big pumpkin.

Next we started making our way up to the food lines, stopping to take a couple more photos along the way at some of the many wooden cut outs that were there to stand with for pictures.

Brett and Steve waited in line, while Peter and I played on the grass. For lunch we enjoyed burgers on the lawn while we listened to a bluegrass band that was playing live near by in a gazebo.

My little music lover, Peter bee bopped to the music the whole time...

After lunch we started getting chilly so Brett ran back to the car for extra clothes and a blanket for Aaron. Peter already had all the clothes we brought for him on and was still shivering, so I gave him my coat which made for a funny video...

Meet my son, ET:

After waiting in line for a little while (seeing at the place was full of people we really didn't have to wait long at all), we got on the hay ride! Peter was in hay Heaven and enjoyed piling hay on himself, Grandpa, and mommy!

The hay ride ended in a huge pumpkin patch where Peter ran around looking for the perfect one, while Brett and Steve took tons of great photos.

After we picked our family's pumpkin for this year, we got back in line for the hayride back to the orchard's Pumpkin Festival.

By this time Aaron woke up so we could get some pictures of his eyes open.

Before heading to the car to go home, we took a few more family photos.

It was a cold, but really fun day that we plan to make an annual trip every October.

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