Monday, October 6, 2008

Georgia's Birthday Celebration

Friday night, while the kids stayed home with Troy and Alex, Brett and I went out to celebrate my friend Georgia's 26th birthday.

We started out joining the birthday girl at Rhodeside Grill for drinks, and then the party moved to Summers in Courthouse for a little karaoke.

Here are the top ten highlights from the night...

1. Posting birthday wishes on the chalk board at the bar:

2. Marie and John coming out even though their wedding is on Saturday:

3. Brett making new friends:

4. Hanging out with the girls:

5. The robot:

6. Karaoke singing:

7. More dancing:

8. Getting out with my hubby:

9. Seeing Georgia and Peter:

10. Signing Brett up to sing like 5 songs (one with a guy we didn't know):

It was a really fun night and before we knew it we needed to head home.

Happy 26th Georgia!!!

1 comment:

ga said...

it was SO good seeing you guys and you were both a ridic amount of fun!!

and thanks to you, i now finally have an updated facebook profile pic.


tell sarah she's got competition in the jill-blog-stalking arena ;)