Thursday, October 23, 2008

Finger painting

For Brett's birthday I wanted to have him open a gift from Peter, so I decided to have Peter make a finger painting (his first one) for Daddy's big birthday!

I decided that the best way to contain the mess was to take Peter's shirt off, and strap him into his high chair with the paper taped down to his tray.

We started with red and silver, which he was interested in squishing in his hands and rubbing on the paper.

Next I added in blue and Peter decided to take a taste.

Then he found out the hard way that paint is not delicious.

So he stuck to working on his masterpiece.

And when it was all said and done we had two works of art. The painting and the painted baby.

My favorite part was showing Peter his painted face and body in the mirror but I couldn't get a picture. After a bath, and the paint drying I framed the painting and wrapped it up for Daddy to open that night.


Sarah Merrill said...

Mike and I can't wait to get our original Peter Masterpiece!!! We love the cute pictures... it's that much cuter that he's posing for the camera...he's such a ham!

ga said...

i love this idea!!! so cute and i love that you captured the whole process on camera!!
=) Ga

Shellie Kelly said...

Jillian, you are so creative. What a great gift for Brett.