Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Annandale Fall Festival

This past Saturday was the Annandale Fall Festival. I was very excited about the festival because it was the first event that we have known about in our community. We were interested in meeting people with young kids and getting out of the house with the kids.

Mother Nature had something else in mind, however, and Friday night the rain started. Saturday morning it was clearing up, so we figured we would try to still go to the fair, but we would drive instead of walking (which we had planned to do).

Around the time we were pulling into the parking lot the rain started coming down harder and harder.

We decided to walk through the festival anyway, and was suprised to find that there were a bunch of boothes set up despite the weather. A bunch were for local businesses and restaurants, school and sports programs, and some political. They were also still preforming shows, so we stopped to watch one by a karate school in the area.

After taking a quick look at what the festival had to offer, we took cover under the awning of Safeway. We stopped for groceries and our dry cleaning then headed home.

Maybe next year we will have better weather.

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