Sunday, October 19, 2008

Peter's stacking cups...

One thing that I LOVE about being a stay at home mom is watching my kids learn and develop daily.

An example of this is Peter and his stacking cups toy (8 plastic cups that nest inside one another).

When Peter was about 8 months he loved using the cups to make noise. This was around the time that he learned to clap and he would get one cup in each hand and bang them together.

A few months later he figured out that when he threw them they would spin around on the floor, so he would carry them one at a time to the linoleum floor and throw them to watch them spin.

The next stage was Brett and I trying to help him learn their function and stacking them upside down so it made a little tower. Which would promptly be knocked down by Peter.

The current step however is more fine motor skills, as he is learning that they fit into each other. Previously he would never keep his attention on them for a long time, but now he will sit with them, stacking and unstacking, nesting and un-nesting them over and over again trying to get them in the correct order.

It is such a simple thing, but watching it all unfold and see how the brain develops has been a pretty cool experience!

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