Sunday, October 19, 2008

Call AND letter from Sissy!

My sister, Katelyn, is currently on a 50 day Outward Bound course. This course is to teach her how to rock climb, ration food in the wilderness, kayak, be a first responder, and much more.

Due to the fact that almost all their time is spent in the wilderness, this means that we hardly ever get to hear from her. Until last week!

First we got a long letter telling us about her crew (the people in her group), their first bear encounter, the food they make, and all the stuff they are doing. Then the following day I got a text message tell me that she had a free day and would be calling!!!

Two times that day Katelyn called to hear about the boys, catch me up on wilderness life, and just chat about sister stuff. She said that while she didn't love everyone in her crew, she made good friends with some of them, and was really enjoying her time there.

The following day she was heading out for her "48 hour" - which is 48 hours by her self in the wilderness with only 2 bagels and a block of cheese. She was scared, but excited to complete it because it was the only thing she had been worried going into this course.

I don't know that we will hear from her again before she comes home, but we only have two weeks to go, so I am excited to see her again soon!!!

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