Sunday, October 5, 2008

A Goode Night for Peter and Aaron

Friday night Brett and I went out to celebrate my friend Georgia's birthday (more on that later), while the boys stayed home with Peter's God Parents, Troy and Alex (Aunt Bubbs) Goode.

This was Troy and Alex's first time watching both kids, but we had total faith in their babysitting skills (seeing as they have watched Peter at every stage in his life).

After we all had dinner together, Brett and I left to go out, while Troy and Peter played with Mommy's Tupperware in the kitchen.

Five hours later Brett and I got back home to a very tired set of babysitters and a crying baby (not the Goode's fault at all - Aaron has been dealing with some major tummy troubles). Hopefully though the rest of the night wasn't too bad for them and now they are just dying to have kids of their own soon (Peter and Aaron need someone to play with ;)

We really appreciated the Goode's offering to babysit because Brett and I really needed a night off, but especially since we know that they were tired from being in the middle of moving and unpacking their new house.

Thanks a bunch to Alex and Troy; we love you guys!!!

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