Friday, October 17, 2008

Bad Kitty!

Ever since Aaron came along our cat, Angel Food Cake has started peeing all over the house. I did a bunch of research online and learned that this is pretty par for the course when new babies come home, but since Angel Food didn't get upset when Peter came home we thought we were OK. Not so much.

For the past 2 months we have been battling the stains, and more importantly, the smell, that is lurking around certain areas of our home. Almost everyday I am on my knees scrubbing the floor, and it always seems to be a worthless effort because she goes right back.

This weekend, Brett and I decided to take charge. One of the websites we read said gave the following advice:

1. Lock the cat in a room with her food, water, and liter box for a couple weeks to reminder her where she is supposed to go.

2. Deep clean all areas and make sure that stains and scent are gone.

3. Use a behavioral cat repellent on the areas for the first month that she is back out in the rest of the house.

We started stage 1 yesterday after a trip to Pet Smart to buy supplies - a new litter box and litter (the old box was gross and we planned to lock the cat in our room), a kitty bed, and behavioral spray to use after we cleaned the carpets in our house.

Today is step two. After church we are renting a carpet shampooer so that we can tackle the areas that Angel Food has been using as her restroom.

We are hoping and praying that all this effort works, but if it doesn't the websites say you have to take "extreme measures" and get the cat kitty Prozac!

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