Saturday, October 11, 2008

Pulling double duty

Last Sunday was a busy day!

In the morning Brett and I got up and got the kids ready for church at the New Life campus in McLean. Brett got there at 9:30am for band practice and played during service. The sermon was about "Being the Church" and was preached by Ron Klabunde and really inspired both Brett and I.

Afterwards we rushed home to eat a quick lunch and put the kids down for naps before we had to leave again for our second church service of the day in Centerville at New Life's ReNew service.

Brett headed out to Centreville early for practice with the band, where he was going to be playing a Djembe Drum for their acoustic set.

Shortly after Brett left, I got the kids packed up again, picked up our friend Sarah Merrill and headed out to Centreville myself to help with the Child Care during service.

This was the second ReNew service, and was a great message and performance by the band:

Tim Jones, one of the New Life preachers (or the "funny guy" as he is always referred to) delivered the message and equated God setting us up to do good to getting set up for a shot in volleyball.

Sarah Merrill, Sarah Burnett, and I all worked in the "Kid Zone" during service, but since there was only 3 kids (including my 2) we were able to go see some of the sermon.

After service we stopped by Taco Bell for dinner and then finally headed home to crash.

It was a long day, but we got to hear 2 great messages and Brett loved getting to play in both bands.

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