Thursday, January 8, 2009

Surprise 60th Birthday!

Despite being sick the week of Christmas there were things I had to do because they were already planned. One of these was my Mom's surprise 60th birthday party!

The Saturday after Christmas (2 days before her actual birthday), I asked my Mom and sister to babysit. To ensure mom was dressed nice (instead of in workout clothes that she sometimes wears to babysit), Katelyn took mom to lunch and a movie that afternoon before coming by the house for the surprise.

Back at my house, Brett and I prepared for our "babysitter" to show up by welcoming guests into our home where we had set up a wine and cheese party.

When my mom got there she was definitely shocked and (as we expected) cried with excitement.

Unfortunately, a lot of the people we invited could not attend (due to other holiday plans), however there were a lot of great friends and my mom had a wonderful time.

We spent a little time eating cheese and tasting wine, before cutting the cake.

Soon after most of the guests headed home, and the rest of us stayed up to watch mom open gifts and relax.

It was a really nice evening, and we were so glad that so many people came, especially those who came a long way!

A special thanks to Alex Goode for helping with Peter's bath and bedtime while we entertained our guests!

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