Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Christmas Day

Christmas morning was nothing like I always imagined Christmas as a parent would be because a. the adults were all up before the kids, and b. my kids could care less about gifts (to be fair they aren't old enough to get it yet).

Since Brett, Katelyn, Aaron and I were up first we opened our stockings (the only thing we are allowed to open without everyone being present).

Aaron helped Aunt Katelyn open hers:

So she let him wear the BLING that was included in her stocking:

Brett was oddly excited about everything in his stocking:

And I was surprised to find a love letter from my husband in my stocking (please excuse my hair, I clearly hadn't seen a mirror yet that morning):

Eventually my mother also joined the stocking oppening fun:

While we were all waiting for Peter to wake up, Aunt Katelyn finished making the cinnamon buns, and I discovered my own Christmas miricle - a Law and Order marathon (only good for Christmas's when you will be sick on the couch all day long).

Oh yeah, and Brett waited by the miseltoe for a kiss:

Finally Peter got up (he clearly loves his sleep as much as his parents do), and we all got to open our Christmas gifts.

Santa had left Peter and Aaron a plush rocking horse that made noises. Aaron was agreeable to it, but Peter was completely terrified of at first, though he eventually warmed up to (after he had some Tylonal for his fever):

Peter's favorite gifts seemed to be a little magnetic writing pad, his computer game, and the bath time letter's from Uncle Don and Aunt Jen:

Katelyn was excited about her blow drier, and couldn't wait to open her Wicked Good slippers:

And Brett hugged his Keurig coffee maker because he was so thrilled:

Aaron loved his wrist rattles:

And my mom loved all the pictures she got of the boys:

By the time gift opening was over I was really not feeling well, so my husband took it upon himself to take the following picture:

The rest of the day Brett and my sister played with the kids, while my mom cooked and I slept. We unfortunately didn't get to attend the Gardner Christmas dinner like we usually do, but got to make up for it a few days later (more on that later).

Hope everyone else had a great Christmas too!

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heavly said...

Phase 10 is one of THE best games EVER!! What an awesome stocking stuffer :D

You're all too cute with your matching jammies, hehe