Monday, January 5, 2009

Peter's first haircut!

On December 12 (I am catching up yet again), Peter got his first haircut!

Brett and I had been debating about weather or not to cut it for a long time (Brett wanted to grow it into a punk rock hair cut, and I like the clean cut look better), but FINALLY Brett gave in! Peter's hair was looking pretty long and scraggly so it was perfect timing.

The whole way to the kids hair salon, I tried to explain what we were going to do, and once we got there I got the end of our "conversation" on camera:

Peter got to sit in a barber chair with a TV in front of him (playing the Wiggles!) while Mommy sprayed his hair to get it wet for the hair dresser.

During the cutting part he went through phases of being very tolerant of what was happening to him, and other phases where he hated it and cried.

After it was all over he looked VERY cute (if I do say so myself):

And he even got a clipping of his hair and certificate to take home:

While we were there, Aaron sat quietly in his car seat while another mother (who was complaining that her kids being too close to each other in age and how hard it was on her) told me that I was insane... her kids were only 21 months apart (mine are 11 months for those who don't know)!

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