Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Christmas Eve

As you may have read before, I was sick with the flu and a sinus infection which started two days before Christmas.

By Christmas Eve I wasn't doing much better - still had a fever and was sick to my stomach - but I did my best to make the holiday as festive as it usually would be.

With the help of my sister and husband I managed to get dinner on the table Christmas Eve, although we did have to miss out on the church service that Brett was going to play drums at.

In BeVard tradition we all had matching PJs, the boys in "Santa's coolest gift" two piece set, and all the girls in new flannal snowman jammies.

Brett was the loner and got Santa PJ pants to match the Santa hat that he knew I might make him wear Christmas morning.

After the kids were in bed we jung stockings and I layed on the couch, while my sister was busy making brownies for dessert and cinnamon buns (a tradition my father started when we were kids) for breakfast the next morning.

We all watched a little TV before heading to bed so Santa could come!

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