Monday, January 19, 2009

New Years Eve!

Last year Brett and I started a tradition of hosting our close friend's for a New Years Eve party. This year we decided to have a wine themed party, which included a "Best in Grape" competition.

The day's celebrating started off with the boys and I picking my brother-in-law and sister-in-law, Don and Jen, up from the airport. They got in early enough to have a chance to play with the boys before we all started getting ready for the party.

Around 7:30pm my mom came over to help with the boys and our guests started arriving, wine in hand!

Before we kicked off the wine competition everyone enjoyed snacks and the chocolate fountain and enjoyed posing with Aaron (who we promise was not really dunked in the chocolate).

After everyone had been mingling for a while we kicked off the "Best in Grape" tasting portion of the evening. We had asked each of our guests to bring a wine selection, which was hidden in bags as they arrived. There were 5 red selections, and 5 white selections, all of which were tasted and rated by each guest.

Once we tallied up the scores, we found that there was a tie for the best red wine, and we needed a WINE OFF! After everyone re-tasted and voted, our friend Iain's wine won.

In the white competition, Alan and Jacqui's selection was the winner by a land slide!

After the wine competition we had a couple hours to spare before the big count down. Most of the guys ended up in the basement playing rock band, while the rest of us stayed up stairs talking and continuing to enjoy the chocolate fountain!

When it was finally close to midnight, we all gathered together in the living room and I had a mini-freak out while Brett was filming (I was sure I was going to miss my midnight kiss!):

The party died down shortly after midnight as some people headed home, and other's crashed on couches and int he guest room.

It was a lot of fun continuing the tradition and we are already working on a theme of next year!

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