Friday, January 23, 2009

Dear blog fans...

Just a heads up that we will not be posting for the next few days or so as yours truely has crashed our computer with all the millions of pictures and videos I upload.

Brett has ordered me the largest exturnal hard drive on the market so that we can transfer everything off our desk top, but until that happens and Brett is able to clean up my "mess" I have been forbidden from even trying to turn it on (I think he may have unplugged the computer just to be safe).

Anyway, I can post from my phone (thank goodness for iPhones) but will not be able to post pictures, and let's face it I am a bit of a picture freak (duh, that is how we got into this mess) so I don't know how much I will actually post.

So goodbye for now and I promise to take many photos for future postings while we are gone!

Jillian Gardner
Mom, photographer and blog poster for the Gardner family :)

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