Monday, January 5, 2009

First Annual BeVard ladies dinner!

My sister and I agreed this year that my mother has everything in the world that she could possibly need (and more), so we would no longer be buying her big Christmas gifts. Instead, we have decided that every year we are going to go out for a girl Christmas dinner a few days before the holiday and treat my mom.

We started the tradition by going to Odeon in DC for the December Tasting Journal dinner (for those of you who regularly read my blog, this is the same place/dinner that Brett and I brought our friend's Matt and Andy to for dinner).

Due to wine pairings with our meal and a martini my mom got pretty silly, and there were tons of laughs during the dinner! This included her telling us that she knew what "the worst thing ever" was then before actually telling us she totally forgot.

Eventually she remembered though and we caught the "worst thing ever" on camera:

Katelyn and I also kept trying to get my mom to make her frowny face (which is too cute and always good for a laugh), but it took a lot of begging:

Once we promised to have Katelyn make the face with her, my mom gave in:

It was a fun evening chalked full of inside jokes and giggling (sorry if you don't get why we find it all so funny), and we cannot wait to make this a yearly tradition!

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