Sunday, September 7, 2008

Visit to Daddy's Office!

Friday afternoon, I piled the boys into the car and headed up to Rockville to meet up with Brett at his office. Brett's office building was having their "First Friday" roof top happy hour, plus he wanted to show off his family (for the second time) to his co-workers.

When we first arrived Brett and his office mates played catch with Peter for a little while, but soon they grew thirsty, so we headed to the roof for beers and live music. The happy hour party didn't last long for us (well, for Peter specifically), so we headed down to bring Peter to play in the water fountain before dinner.

Once Peter was completely soaked to the bone, we dried him off, changed him, and grabbed a quick bit to eat before heading back to Virginia. It was great to spend time with Brett and see his co-workers and of course Peter was as always excited about playing in the water...

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