Monday, September 8, 2008

The other side of Peter

We have been known to call Peter by some names to describe his "all boy" personality... Hurricane Peter, Peter the terror, Peter the destructor... and so on.

But lately we have seen another side to Peter's personality. He is becoming more than a little boy that loves to play in the dirt, knock down or throw his toys all over the place, and bang his hands on any and all surfaces. Now we are seeing a lot more sweet behaviors.

He loves to snuggle, hold his brother, read books, and curl up to watch Baby Einstein videos. Plus yesterday when Aaron was crying he even found Aaron's pacifier for me (without me asking) and gave it to his brother (this is a big change from when he used to steal Aaron passy and stick it in the dog's mouth).

He also gets really excited when he sees Brett or I, and almost brought Brett to tears when he clapped for him yesterday at the ReNew service...

And to clear up any questions about the two pictures above... yes, I dress my baby BOY in PINK!

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