Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Family Fun Day!

Saturday a week ago (again, I am playing catch up with the blogs), Brett and I had an entire day of fun with the boys. The morning started out with some backyard fun when we let Peter play in his baby pool full of water and balls.

Next, we packed up the kids and headed to our favorite place - Target - so that Brett and I could indulge in some much needed clothes for the fall (for us, not the kids... our kids have way more clothes than we do).

After our shopping spree it was off to Fairfax Corner for lunch and Peter's favorite - the water fountain. We ate at California Pizza Kitchen, which is my new favorite place based on their kids menu alone. They actually have healthy options, so we didn't have to order pizza or chicken fingers and fries! Peter got a chicken breast and broccoli just like he would have at home, and Brett and I enjoyed salad and sandwiches.

Once our bellies were full it was out to the square to play in the fountain. There were tons of kids there, so Peter enjoyed people watching while he played in the water. Unlike the fountain at Brett's office, this one has different patterns for shooting water into the air, so we were startled a few times getting splashed in the face as we walked through.

Needless to say I had packed a towel and change of clothes for Peter, but forgot to do the same for myself. The ride home was a little cold and wet, but it was totally worth it for the fun day with Peter.

It was a long hot day, so we were really impressed that by the time we left at 4:00pm Peter was still in a good mood and had not fussed the entire time (even though he had missed his nap). On the car ride home, however, he passed out so Brett and I drove around for a while to let him sleep as we toured around Annandale looking for new parks we had not been to and a bike path.

Once we finally did drive home it was almost time for our best friends Troy and Alex to come over for dinner and to see the boys. Peter showed his Aunt Bubbs (Alex) how he gave open mouthed kisses, before he went to bed.

After we were kid free, the Goodes stuck around for a little while to play cards and tell us all about their upcoming move into their first home!

It was a great day, and we really hope that the weather holds up for a while so we can continue to enjoy the outdoors on the weekends.

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