Thursday, September 4, 2008

Georgia's Bachlorette Party!

This past Saturday, my oldest friend (it has been almost 20 years since we first met) Georgia McClure celebrated her pending nuptuals to long time boyfriend, Peter Tahan.

We started the celebrating during the day at a nail salon in Arlington where we all got a manicure or pedicure, and then enjoyed lunch in Rosslyn. After lunch Goergia and Jackie went shopping while her sisters got her apartment ready for the evening festivities, and I went home to check in on how Brett was doing with the boys (it was his first time with both boys by himself).

Later that night the group (along with Baby Aaron) reconviened at Georgia's apartment for dinner, games, and presents before we all headed out on the town. Aaron was a big hit, and got passed around a few times before everyone hopped in cabs to head downtown. I of course took Aaron home before meeting the girls out.

First stop on the bar scene was Third Edition in Georgetown. We got there pretty early so there was lots of room to dance, get drinks and hang out without being cramped by the usual crowd there on Saturday nights. However, within an hour we were no longer the only bachlorette party, and were soon joined by two other soon-to-be-brides and their friends.

By 11:00 pm we decided to head out of the city and back to Georgia's stomping grounds, Rhodeside Bar and Grill (which is literally within walking distance of Georgia's house so made for an easy trip home post-festivities). Rhodeside was tons of fun, and we spent the evening dancing and hanging out.

It was a great group of girls, all members of her huge wedding party (not that I am one to talk, I had more than her). The best part was that none of us are really friends with each other (just friends with her), but we all totally clicked and got to know each other really well, which will make hanging out at the wedding in November that much more fun!

Around 1:30am we all headed back to Georgia's apartment. All the other girls passed out and Georgia and I stayed up talking about life, what it is like to be married, religion, and how lucky we were to be friends still and to have found such awesome husbands.

It was a great night, and I am excited to be part of Peter and Georgia's big day (I am doing a reading) this coming November.

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