Thursday, September 4, 2008

This is a cat...

Something exciting happened three weeks ago... Peter went from never really playing attention to the books we tried to read to him, to actually picking up books during family play time and bringing them to us to read.

His absolute favorite book is a Baby Einstein book called "Cats." The book is the smallest board book we have and within a few hours of reading it several times I had it memorized...

This is a cat

Cats are warm and soft to hold (I didn't photograph every page)

Mother cats like to snuggle with their kittens

Cats can jump high

(and so on for about 10 pages of what cats do, etc)

Then one day I heard my sister reading the book to Peter.

"This is a Cat," she read.

Then continued, "Her name is Sierra, she is four years old."

Extremely confused I say, "Katelyn, I am pretty sure that the ARTIST's name is Sierra and SHE is four years old."

"Oh, that makes more sense."

And she is the one with the college degree in the family!

I told Brett the story and he thought it was hilarious, so from that day forward every time we read the cat book (which is about 30 times a day), the first page starts off, "This is a cat, her name is Sierra and she is four years old."

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