Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Small group FINALLY grows!

Brett and I joined Matt and Andy Spray and Tony and Heather Witherspoon's small group last November after meeting them at a Halloween party. Since then every Thursday we have committed our evening to enjoying the company of our friends and doing Bible study (or game nights).

When we first joined the group we were meeting at the Witherspoon's house in Centreville, but after Brett's office moved to Rockville the commute became too much for us and we all moved to our house in Annandale. The hope was that with the move would also be an opportunity to get some new group members in the area.

The first month went by and the only addition to our group of 6 was a friend of Andy's from High School, Alan Ivey. Then in July our friends Mike and Sarah Merrill decided to join us. In August however our group decreased by 3 when Alan left for school, and the Witherspoons "multiplied" our group to 2 by starting a second group in Centreville on Wednesday nights.

I was kind of beginning to worry about what would happen to us, and then out of no where our prayers were answered! 2 new couples and 2 single girls decided to start coming to Westmoreland Church and all of them accepted our invitation to join small group! Additionally, Andy had two friends who have joined!

The first week we all got together we had a game night, and found out that we are not very good at pop culture (we played the Pop Culture edition of Trivial Pursuit). Now we are going through a series called Starting Point, which is fitting since this is a new start for our group and our church!

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