Monday, November 10, 2008

White House Tour!

Catch up blog from October 26, 2008
On Friday of that week Brett and I got an email to our joint account from our friend Ken Asbenson who works at the White House Management Office. The email was inviting us to go on a tour of the West Wing that Sunday afternoon after Aaron's dedication. The only catch was that Brett and I had to let him know asap, so without even talking to Brett I jumped at the chance and told Ken we were avaliable (seriously, how many chances do you get to do something that cool?)!

So, after Aaron's dedication, instead of resting after a long morning, we got the kids home and down for their naps and left them home with my mom as we headed down to Pennsylvania Ave! Friend's from church, Eric, Julia, and Summer were also invited and met us at the house to ride to the metro together.

The tour included the West Wing and the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, where Ken's office is located. Inside the West Wing we were not allowed to take photos, but we did get a lot of outdoor shots, as well as pictures inside the office building... enjoy:

Outside the West Wing Doors:

Walkway to the outdoor entrance to the oval office:

The rose garden:

Entrance to residence of the president:

The White House Press Briefing Room:

Outside the front entrance (inside the gates!):

All of the beautiful rotundas in the Eisenhower Office Building:

Ken's Office:

And last but not least, the White House bowling ally:

Not only were the things that we got to see on the tour amazing but Ken's wife Emily is a History major and was very informative. We really appreciated the invite and knowledge that we got that day!

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