Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sarah's craft fair

Catch up blog from November 6, 2008

Last Thursday, my friend (Aaron's God mother), Sarah Merrill held her first craft fair. The fair took place at her work, Sibley Memorial Hospital, and is an annual fair they hold for employees to sell things that they make in their free time.

To support her craft business, Old Towne Boutique, I packed up the kids and made the trip into the city to see her display.

Sarah's table included mugs with chocolate covered pretzel rods, hand made greeting cards, hand made jewelry, and home made coasters.

Lucky for all of us the kids were on their best behavior and were ogled over by all the ladies there. The other tables were also nice and included blankets, scarves, baby clothes, jewelry, photography prints, and much more. I walked away with some homemade honey and cranberry sauce.

Sarah ended her day making a lot more than she expected and had a lot of custom orders. Congrats to Sarah on a successful show!

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