Monday, November 10, 2008

McClure/Tahan Wedding Part 3 - The Ceremony

Catch up blog from November 1, 2008

Once we finally arrived at the Church, it was finally time for Georgia's wedding ceremony.

Although it was Georgia who had a lot riding on the day, it was me who was nervous.

Peter and Georgia had asked that I do a reading from the book of Ecclesiastes (only the hardest book in the Bible to say) and as I have mentioned in the past I am terrified of public speaking.

However after days of practicing to myself, in front of the kids, and to Brett I did it without stumbling on any words.

After my part it was time for the vows, which Brett caught on camera:

In addition to what we documented on film, Peter and Georgia also participated in traditions, some of which were "normal" and others which were unique to their church, including wearing crowns:

Carrying a picture of the Virgin Mary around the church:

An exchange of rings:

And a kiss uniting them as a married couple:

It was a beautiful wedding ceremony and we were so honored to be a part of it!

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