Saturday, November 8, 2008

Pre-dedication party

Catch up blog from October 25, 2008

The night before we dedicated Aaron at our church we decided to invite everyone that was in town for the event to a casual dinner at our place. Since most of our family was coming in the morning of (except my Aunt Marilyn), the only people who took us up on the offer were Sarah Merrill's parents and Alex Goode's mother.

Like usual our kids were completely spoiled by our friends, who brought the coolest new toys for them. The toys are made my Leap Frog and are to help with learning numbers, A-B-C's, and reading (Peter is obsessed).

Alex also brought Yoshi (her new dog) over, so Peter was entertained by him and played until it was time for bed (why won't Brett let me get a dog again?).

We spent the night eating way too much chili and Sarah's buffalo chicken dip, laughing, and talking until we all called it an evening so we could rest up for the dedication.

It was a real honor that our friend's parents made the trip to join us for Aaron's dedication and we thoroughly enjoyed spending the evening hanging out with them!

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