Friday, November 21, 2008

New Job for Brett!!!

For the past 3 months Brett has been putting feelers out to look for a new job, and has even gone on a couple interviews. Nothing was panning out, but then my mom found an opening at her company, Noblis.

Brett applied, but we quickly received a phone call that they had already interviewed and selected a candidate for the position. HOWEVER, they said they were very impressed with his resume and would keep his resume.

Fast forward to October and they finally called to interview him for a new position that opened up. On October 10, Brett went in for a 4 hour interview and left feeling excited about the company.

Then the waiting game started.

One week later we got a call saying that they loved him, but they didn't have funding for the position and had to wait before giving him an offer (which would probably take 2 weeks).

3 weeks passed.

Finally we get a call from their HR department saying that they planned on giving him an offer by the end of the week. Since I had an inside person, I called my mom and told her the good news. That is when she told me that she had heard they wanted to interview him again. What? We were confussed, but it turned out mom was right.

The next day they called to schedule a second interview with Brett the following Monday (this past Monday, November 17).

The second interview went great as well, and Brett was even more excited and had loved all the people he was meeting. That evening we get a call, they love him and want to make an offer which should be received on Tuesday.

Tuesday comes and goes... nothing.

Wednesday I talked to my mom and find out that the person who would be deciding Brett's salary was out with the flu.

That evening we get a call that the offer would come the next day.

Then last night, on his way home, Brett finally gets the call!

He got the job and will be working as a Senior Staffer in the development department.

Not only will this mean a small bump in salary for us, but also much better benefits, and a 15 minute commute (you really can't get better than that in this area!)

Brett's only concern was that in the beginning he might have to work long hours, but then I reminded him that he currently commutes over 2 hours a day, so even with an extra 2 hours of work a day it wouldn't change how much he is home!!!

I am so proud of Brett and cannot wait for the new job to start! What an exciting way to go into the Holiday season!!!


Gardner News! said...

Oh my!!! We are SOOO excited for you both CONGRATULATIONS BRETT!!! What a great thing for us all to celebrate this Thanksgiving!

Sarah Merrill said...

Congratulations from the Merrill's! I know you all are thrilled!!

heavly said...

Congrats Brett!

Anonymous said...

Good news - no more beltway for you!!! See you in a couple of days. Marilyn

kim the cousin said...

Congratulations Brett! This sounds great! :-)

Patti said...

Hey guys: Congratulations on the new job!! I know Brett won't miss that long commute! Looking forward to seeing you soon!! Love, Patti

Gannon Beck said...

Congratulations Brett! They must have had more than one interview just to make sure you weren't too good to be true. I can't imagine any other reason anyone wouldn't make you an offer on the spot.