Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Date night!

Catch up blog from November 5, 2008

Ever since having Aaron, getting out for dates is harder than when we only had one baby. Unless we have two people that can babysit, we usually either take Aaron with us, or we don't end up going out.

Lucky for us, we have a lot of friends who are couples and are dying to watch our kids! Case in point, last Wednesday night! Brett was leaving for the weekend on Thursday, so we wanted to have a special date night before we were apart for 4 days.

The stars must have been aligned in our favor because not only did we get an email coupon for one of our favorite romantic restaurants, Two Quail, but our friends Mike and Sarah Merrill were also able to babysit.

Two Quail was the restaurant where Brett and I shared our first Valentines Day and our first wedding anniversary, and we were able to get the same table (with private curtains) again for this evening.

Dinner was AMAZING - Brett got the catch of the day:

And I got the duck:

We both had a martini and best of all we had a really special evening without the kids.

Thanks again to Mike and Sarah for watching the boys!

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C. Bowie Photography said...

Good for you guys! It always so hard getting away.

On those rare gems that both kids are staying with friends, etc... we try and get out for dinner and wine.