Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day!!!

I LOVE VOTING (Peter must too, because he was syked to get in his stroller this morning for our walk to the polls)!!!

Seriously, I think the only time I ever stayed awake during Mr. Daniels senior year civics class in high school was the day we got to register to vote. Sending in my absentee ballot as a freshman in college was one of the only things I didn't procrastinate that year, and since my 18th birthday I have not missed a single election.

Not only do I think it is our responsibility as Americans (both to educate ourselves on the candidates and to vote), but I think it is an honor to live in a Country where your voice is heard... BUT ONLY IF YOU MAKE THE EFFORT TO GET OUT THERE, WAIT IN LINE AND CAST YOUR VOTE!!!

We did...
So go vote, even if you are going to cancel out my vote (though I would of course prefer that you Barack the vote), because it is important to be part of the process!

Unless you live in this house, then you can stay home, because you are an idiot:
(I actually walked past this house on my way to vote)


C. Bowie Photography said...

I kinda liked the sign

Amy said...

Geez, that looks like something one of my redneck neighbors might have in their yard!!