Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Packed up and ready to go!

The past week I have been bursting with excitement for our trip to Tunkhannock, PA to spend the Thanksgiving week with my family. Thanksgiving is by far my favorite holiday because it is a mini BeVard family reunion, plus lot of great food and relaxing in PA.

This will be Aaron's first car trip, so we will see how he does on the 5 hour drive. If all goes well we might start braving longer trips to Atlanta to visit Brett's brother and our sister-in-law. Car trips seem to be the only logical way to travel now that we see how much stuff you have to pack when you have two babies!

2 portable baby cribs
clothes for 5 days for all 4 of us
portable high chair for Peter
snow suites (it snowed there last night!)
Food/bottles/sippy cups/formula/etc.
etc. etc. etc. I feel like we are moving!!!

Anyway, we will be off-line while we are gone, so we leave you with the latest videos of the boys.

First is Peter playing "Mommy say" (our version of "Simon Says"):

Then Aaron Cooing and smiling for the camera:

Enjoy and we will catch up with some other blogs, plus everything from the Thanksgiving trip when we get back!

Hope everyone has a great holiday and safe travels!!!

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