Monday, November 24, 2008

Veggie Tales!

Catch up blog from November 8, 2008

A couple weeks ago my friend Heather Witherspoon invited Peter and me to go to a Veggie Tales show with her daughter, Morgan and her.

The concert was out in Woodbridge at a huge church, which had a line wrapped around the building for people there to see the Veggie Tales!

We were a little early so we got the kids each a Larry the Cucumber toy before settling into our seats.

Once we got into the theater and found our seats (right up front!) it was time for the show to start.

Peter loved the music and clapping along with the audience, but was a little young to follow the story and pay attention in between the songs.

We did make it to the first intermission before he really started squirming and was done sitting and watching the show.

It was a fun day and I loved spending a little time with just Peter.

When we headed home Peter held on to his Larry Boy and fell fast asleep in his car seat (dreaming about the signing vegetables I am sure!).

Thanks to Heather and Morgan for the invite!

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