Thursday, December 18, 2008

Weekend of visitors and Christmas celebrations!

This past weekend my Aunt Marilyn and my sister, Katelyn and her boyfriend came into town for a visit and to have a little pre-Christmas celebration.

Friday night, Brett watched Peter while Marilyn and I went shopping at a pretty crowded (but not too bad), Tyson's Mall.

Saturday was our big stay home, open gifts and hang out with family day. My sister and Rich come over and we all had lunch, opened Marilyn's gifts and played with the kids for the day.

Brett and I got the best gift - a print from an artist who does collages with newsprint. Ours was of a guy jamming on an electric guitar and it is awesome! The only problem is that it is perfect for our music room, however I really want to hang it on the main floor to show it off.

I also got the most amazing slippers ever, Aaron had a star named after him, and Peter got some new outfits and books (which I have now read about 100 times).

Later in the evening we tried to take our family Christmas photo, which was Marilyn's favorite part of the evening. Neither of our "perfect" kids wanted to be sitting on our laps, smiling, wearing a santa hat, or anything else we wanted from them. Eventually we tried bribing Peter with chocolate, which he promptly spit into Brett's hair.

Later, and our friend Sun came over with her new fiance Nick. We exchanged our gifts with Sun while Nick held Aaron. Sun and Marilyn and I always exchange books, and Sun got Peter a Elmo Live (which he was scared of at first, but now loves)

After our day of gift giving Sun, Marilyn and Nick went out together, and Brett and I went out to dinner with our friend's Matt and Andy Spray.

Katelyn and Rich stayed home to help my mom with the kids.

While Katelyn was feeding Peter dinner, he decided that he could do it himself...

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