Thursday, December 18, 2008

Another string bean in the family!

On December 8, Aaron went in for another routine check up and to get a few shots (4 actually - poor baby).

During the appointment we had a weight in and found that he is...

Weight - 12 pounds 14 ounces (25%)

Height - 25,5 inches (75%)

Head - 16 inches (10%)

To which the doctor said... wow, your babies really are tall and skinny!

Aaron and Peter are officially growing at almost the exact same rate, even though Aaron's pudgy cheeks give him the impression of being a bigger baby.

During the appointment the doctor also noted that Aaron's hips were popping and told me to go get him an x-ray to ensure that he was developing properly and that his hips were OK.

The following Friday we had the X-ray appointment and little Aaron even got to wear a baby-sized lead vest to protect against radiation.

The doctor called that afternoon and said that the X-ray came out fine, so like we thought there was nothing to worry about!


Gardner News! said...

Glad all is well - he looks good! I'm so excited about the entries lately... I missed them while you were gone. Hope the knee feels better and Angle Food Cake is doing ok.

Shellie said...

you give birth to string beans and I give birth to lollypops. All mine had
90th percentile heads with 25-40th percentile bodies.

PS. As far as Food Cake......It's time!!!!!!!!