Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sarah Burnett's Baby Shower...

The morning after Sarah and I stayed up late prepping for Sarah (the other one's) baby shower (November 16) we packed up the car with food platters, decorations, and activities and headed to the New Life party for set up.

As Sarah Burnett is from Kentucky and would be having 2 seperate showers there, this shower was for her church and local friends and family.

For activities we had a scrap booking station for guests to add make a keepsake to remember the day, the "don't say baby" clothes pin game, and baby gift BINGO; not to mention TONS of food and drinks to share.

The majority of the shower was spent opening Sarah's MANY gifts, which included what looked like a year worth of diapers, lots of items from her registry, and a very special bassinet handed down from her Aunt that had been in the family for years.

Sarah (Merrill) and I really enjoyed planning this party with the other two hostesses, Andy and Jess, and now we are all waiting for baby Burnett to arrive (any day now!)

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Sarah Burnett said...

You guys rocked, this was by far the best shower out of the three. You both were so thoughtful and had everything perfectly planned out. I have such awesome friends!