Wednesday, December 24, 2008


It is Christmas eve and here I am in bed (I got a blogger app on my iPhone so I have the ability to blog anywhere now) sick as a dog with the flu.

I started feeling sick on Monday night when I was running last minute errands with my sister, but at that point I really just thought I was tired and had a slight cold. By the following morning I had a fever, terrible cough, couldn't get warm, waa achy and had an upset stomach. But I am a stay at home mom so there are no sick days.

Brett went to work and I started my day with the boys. By mid-morning, however, I no longer felt like it was safe for me to carry the kids up and down the stairs because I was so light headed. Plus, while Peter had gotten a flu shot and hopefully couldn't catch what I had, Aaron is too young to get one and I was very conserned about passing my germs onto him.

Finally I decided to call my mom and ask that she come over during lunch to help with Peter (Aaron was down for a nap) and bring me medician. Luckly she was able to my house just in time for me to really start getting sick and fed Peter lunch and put him down for his nap.

Brett, who has only been at his job for three weeks, also ended up coming home early so he could cover for me when my mom left. Today my fever finally broke and I am getting some energy back, but my sister and Brett are taking turns helping with the kids so I can rest.

It isn't the most fun way to celebrate the holiday but I am so thankful that Brett's new company is so family friendly and willing to work with him staying home, and that my mom and sister could be here to help.

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Get well!!