Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Busy weekend ends up being a bust :(

The weekend after Thanksgiving we had a lot on our schedule!

Friday - I had plans to go Christmas shopping and work out with my best friend, Alex

Saturday - we were supposed to teach a parenting class from 9:00am to 5:00pm, then we had a Christmas party to go to at a former work friend of mine (Dominique Stumpf), and a birthday party to go to at our friends' Marie and John Jaraback (Sorry Marie, I think that is spelled wrong!).

Sunday - we had regular church service at Westmoreland, then I was supposed to help flier the surrounding neighborhood to advertise an event we were holding the following weekend, then we had our second church service of the day at ReNew in Chantilly.

Sadly, Friday's plans ended up being the only thing that actually happened (due to some not so fun circumstances).

Here is what really happened:

Saturday - The parenting class was canceled because the parents gave birth the day before, so I guess they had a good excuse! Half way through the day we notice that our cat, Angel Food Cake, was showing signs of a stroke (her head was tilted downward and she couldn't lift it, she was also walking funny and wasn't able to eat or drink). So, I took her into the Hope Center (a 24 hour vet hospital). Four hours later we are told that she has a bad kidney infection and possible stroke and needs to stay over night on IV medication.

Sunday - On my way out the door to go to church I was carrying Peter, a diaper bag, and a huge purse, and I was walking in four inch heels. It had snowed the night before, but the only thing left was a dusting and a ice covered sidewalk from where my sump pump drains. Needless to say I slipped, fell on my knee (trying to protect Peter from the fall), and had to call Brett to rush home from church (he was there already for band practice) to help Peter and I back in the house. The rest of the day I had to stay iced and elevated, so we missed everything we had scheduled that day too.

We also had to leave Angel Food Cake for a second night because her blood levels were still out of whack. Monday, we finally got back to normal. My knee was bruised and sore, but I was OK; and after a $1900 vet bill, Angel Food Cake came home with several pills that I got to feed her daily.

All in all it wasn't a very fun weekend, but we survived it and hope that weekend's like that are few and far between.

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