Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sarah is the Bomb...

The same night (November 15 again), Sarah and I were working hard to get ready for our friend Sarah Burnett's baby shower.

Early in the night Sarah (Merrill - we know a lot of Sarahs) was working on the computer at my desk and I was at the dining room table, then we switched positions.

While I was working at my desk the following conversation took place...

Jill - Thanks again for coming over to help me!

Sarah - no problem

Jill - Sarah is the BOMB!!!

Sarah - (laughs)

Jill - What?

Sarah - Did you read your blog list?

Jill - What?

Sarah - Look to your right.

There on my white board Sarah had written in a blog for me to post called "Sarah is the bomb"

I am so inside her head it isn't funny!

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