Monday, December 15, 2008

Surprise!... a congrats lunch for Brett

After Brett got the call that he had gotten his new job, my friend (and former roommate) Paul called to invite us to lunch at the restaurant he manages in the Dulles Hyatt.

Thinking quick I asked if we could get a private dining room and have a little surprise lunch for Brett. Paul jumped at the request and even said he would have a big screen TV put in the room so everyone could watch football.

So, I emailed all our friends and local family to get a group together for the surprise. Even though it was short notice, we had almost 20 people who were free and ended up coming to the lunch.

When we walked in Brett was totally shocked and confused (good job everyone :)... the entire morning he had thought I was angry at him because I wasn't talking to him (I thought I was going to spill the beans!).

Paul had set up the room with a long table to eat at, and three couches to lounge on while we watched the football games.

Like usual, Peter provided entertainment:

And we had a great time spending the afternoon with our friends.

The second surprise of the afternoon came when my mom picked up the bill for everyone's lunch.

Thanks to everyone who came to celebrate with us, and a special thanks to Paul for the set up, and my mom for her generous funding!

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